Model Specific Kit Battery Harness Honda CBR 1000RR (2008-2016)

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Speedcell Model Specific Kit Battery Harness for Honda CBR 1000RR (2008 - 2016):

Our model specific Kit Battery Harnesses are a plug and play upgrade to your current OEM battery harness offering several advantages to include:

- Lower total circuit impedance (more current delivered under high amperage loads)
- Larger gauge wire than OEM for both ground, positive and supporting leads
- Reduced voltage tension throughout the circuit / system providing more consistent power to all sub circuits
- Reduction / elimination of corrosion due to the elimination of exposed contacts
- Safety. With no exposed contacts the risk of dead short is all but eliminated

Constructed in house utilizing aerospace and mil standards, all of our Kit Battery Harnesses use US made oxygen free high flex virgin copper and MILSPEC M22759/16 "Tefzel" wire as their core componentry. Each harness comes complete with both a high amperage Dual Anderson connector for our Speedcell Battery and OEM supporting connector / connectors for fitment into the main OEM wiring harness. Resulting in a TRUE plug n' play solution for both your Speedcell Battery and supporting main loom.