The Speedcell No-Hassle Guarantee:

Speedcell Batteries are all manufactured in house at our facility based here in the USA. Every one of our batteries is hand built to the highest technical standard, run through a stringent quality control process, given an initial charge then load tested to ensure operation within their performance window. Products given a PASSING Grade are then given a final charge to 100% SOC (state of charge). This ensures that prior to packaging and shipping, all batteries have met or exceeded quality control standards with an end result of a fully operational ready to use battery to you our customer.

Our Batteries are warranted for three (3) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Warranties are non-transferable and are for the original owner only. Speedcell warrants that if you, our customer, purchases one of our products, and we determine that it is defective in material and/or workmanship during your ownership of the product or we will repair or replace it, no hassle!

In the event of damage caused by the end-user Speedcell offers reasonable repair rates to applicable products not covered by our warranty. You will be provided with a quote for approval before any work begins.


Warranty Details:


Warranty card must be filled out and returned in to activate your products 3-year warranty!

When returning a product for Warranty, please fill out the Product Return Card and place it in the box with the item being returned!

Warranty Register Here

Printable Care and Feeding Field Guide

Printable Product Return Card


Warranty Does not Cover:

  • OVER CHARGE due to but not limited to the following:
    • AC bleed through / stator ripple due to faulty charging systems & or regulator rectifiers
    • Use of SLA (sealed lead acid) chargers & trickle chargers “battery tender” type maintainers.
    • UNAUTHORIZED LiFePO4 / Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chargers
    • Charging the battery beyond 14.5VDC
  • OVER DISCHARGE due to but not limited to the following:
    • Grounded / shorted stator
    • Parasitic draw from active accessories
    • Improper grounds and or grounding systems
    • Leaving the battery connected electronically for extended periods of time
    • Discharge below 11.0VDC
    • Inadvertently leaving the key or run switch in the “ON” position
    • Shorting / faulting the battery
  • Charging faults in vintage or “café” style motorcycles that do not support modern voltage regulation (MOSFET style Regulator Rectifier)
  • Prolonged Exposure to excessive heat (60C/140F)
  • Any physical damage caused by abuse, miss-use, or improper installation
  • Modification, in any way, to the Battery or its supporting parts
  • Use of the Battery in a manner for which it was not intended and or outside its operational window
  • Opening of the Battery case
  • Damage from short circuiting the Battery
  • Immersion in liquid or pressure washing of any type


Warranty card must be filled out SIGNED and returned in to activate your products 3-year warranty!


All Warranty claims are handled by Speedcell Technologies directly. Do not contact the retailer you made the purchase from for a warranty claim. Replacement Batteries are issued by Speedcell Technologies and shipped directly to the customer. Speedcell’s acceptance of any item shipped to our HQ for warranty replacement shall not be deemed an admission that the item(s) are defective. All returns will be run through our diagnostics process and customers notified of the results prior to the execution of the Warranty Process.
Warranty Returns Must be Accompanied By:
Prior to sending any Batteries or Battery Accessories back, customers must contact Speedcell directly to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA #) and to speak with our Technical Team. Please call us at 915.261.3900 or email us at info@speedcell.com to obtain your RA Number.

Customers must provide the following:

  • Copy of the original invoice or original receipt from an authorized retailer
  • Speedcell issued RA Number
  • Physical product that is being evaluated for Warranty
  • Product to be warrantied must be returned to Speedcell before a replacement can be issued.
  • Each Battery is only eligible for one warranty replacement. Once a Battery has been repaired or replaced under the warranty, the replacement item only holds the remainder of the warranty period of the original Battery purchased.
  • Speedcell Technologies reserves the right to deny any and all claims if all conditions and terms are not met.


All shipping charges, including insurances and any damages that occurring during shipping, associated with the initial return of the Battery are the customer’s responsibility. If the Battery is determined to be defective Speedcell will pay shipping on replacement Battery sent back to the customer via ground shipping, the defective Battery will be properly disposed of.  If the Battery is found to not be defective the product can be returned to the customer at the Customer’s expense.

Non Warranty Returns:
All merchandise purchased directly from Speedcell Technologies in the last 30 days and in new unopened / sealed condition may be returned to Speedcell. Speedcell will evaluate all returns for damages before a refund is given. For returns of new product to our retailers please contact them directly for their return policy.
Returned merchandise must be accompanied by a RA Number, the original invoice or receipt and all original packaging in “new sealed” condition. Refunds will be granted less the original shipping cost if it was a “free shipping” item. A restocking fee may be incurred or the refund denied in the case that the product or packaging is damaged, depending on severity or if it has been more than 30 days from date of purchase.

Standard Disclaimer:
Speedcell Technologies’, a division of ATAG Inc., liability is limited to replacement of the Battery according to the terms stated above. This limited warranty is in lieu of, and Manufacturer disclaims and excluded all other warranties, statutory, express or implied, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Manufacturer’s exclusive liability for breach of warranty shall be to replace the Battery within the effective warranty period. In no event shall manufacturer be liable for any loss or damages of any other kind, whether direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary, special or otherwise. Nor shall manufacturer be liable for any removal or installation expense or the loss of time or profits.