Speedcell Battery Disconnect for Speedcell Batteries

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Prevents over discharge due to parasitic draw by completely disconnecting the battery from the system, eliminating the need to physically unplug your Speedcell battery.

- Simple plug and play installation. Can be used on any Speedcell powered motorcycle, ATV, Side by Side, or Snowmobile.

- Versatile switch installation.

- MILSPEC toggle switch, environmentally rated at IP 67 / IP 68.

- MILSPEC Relay rated at 130A continuous, 300A max. Cycle life 50,000+

What's In The Box: Speedcell Battery Disconnect Relay Module, Cable Coil w/ Quick Disconnect and MILSPEC switch.

*If you are looking for a solution for a disconnect for your Side by Side Lead Acid Battery please check out our Side by Side Battery Disconnect.*