Universal Application Key Delete Master Arm

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The newest edition to our Key Delete/ Master Arm Family of products. Introducing our "Universal Application" Key Delete / Master Arm. This system is still true Plug n Play on the harness side of your motorcycle however it is designed to mount to your aftermarket triples that typically have no provision for a master arm switch. Our kit also incorporates an alignment / installation tool for precise locating of the drill & tap points of your triple. Our switch mounting bracket is constructed of a carbon infused nylon for durability even in the harshest of environments.

This provides the end user with a Master Arm solution to power your handlebar “Run-Start” switch. In today’s age of heavily electronic laden motorcycles there is a definite advantage and arguably a necessity in keeping a Master Arm solution in lieu of the traditional “Run-Start” bypass. Some of these include:
• Elimination of battery over discharge due to leaving the bike in the “Run” position

• Providing power only to critical electronic components (ECU’s Data Loggers, Rider Aids ETC) without powering up the fuel pump and engaging the starter solenoid. This eliminates the additional and unnecessary load upon the battery while the bike is in a administrative mode.

• Master Arm circuit isolation allows for the immediate disconnect from power in the event of an emergency.

• Allows for quick diagnostics of BOTH main power circuits and “switched” power circuits on your machine.

All Speedcell Key Delete Master Arm’s come standard with an ALL weather Military grade toggle switch - MIL-DTL-3950 rating. Aluminum aerospace switch guard to prevent accidental engagement in the harshest conditions. Mil rated M22759 / 18-14 Tefzel lead wire with a Raychem DR-25 protective jacket. Genuine OEM connectors for true plug n play integration with your particular motorcycle make & model. This all totals up to a VERY robust & reliable all weather package for use in your racing / track day adventures!

100% Made in the USA